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Junior Golf

The Four Bridges Golf Academy Junior Programs focus on developing the athlete first, then teach them how to play golf.  Too many junior golfers leave the game because they are not performing well and/or are not having fun.  We create a fun environment, while developing athleticism and golf skills.  We allow our juniors to explore and learn at their pace, keeping them engaged with golf. 

The overwhelming majority of junior golfers under the age of 12 do not have the physical ability to swing a golf club properly.  Therefore, teaching them only golf skills is a recipe for frustration and failure.  Other youth sports do not only teach sport specific skills; if you go to football, soccer, baseball fields and basketball courts, you will see beginner players in those sports doing a number of drills that are not sport specific, but developing their athleticism.  If you watch our junior golf programs, you will experience the same thing.

Four Bridges Junior Golf Academy

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